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Hausler 450/500 Helicopters - The First Flight:
  1. If you are new to 6CH RC helicopters, we recommend “Training Gear”, which may prevent to damage your helicopter when crash.
  2. Transmitter: Put all trims at center. The left knob is a fine adjustment for pitch and throttle, the right knob is for your “piro rate”, or how quickly the tail responds. Put both so they are at the 12 o’clock position. Turn the controller ON. The top switches are to be in their rear positions [the right throttle lock switch needed to be forward at first so it would cycle properly (stop beeping). After that just flipped it to the back position and it started up fine]. As you become familiar with your helicopter, move the knobs to find your preference.
  3. Your first flight to be over short grass. Plug in the battery and wait for the ESC to initialize (the beeps). Slowly advance the throttle. Vibration is normal as the blades settle to place. Your Hausler helicopter will slowly start to lift. Keep your first few flights very close to the ground to identify any needs trim changes. When you are comfortable, let the helicopter climb to two or three feet and it will stabilize in “clean” air.
  4. Keep the helicopter in front of you. Make trim adjustments as needed. For example: If helicopter want to wander to right, move the aileron trim 2-3 clicks to the left. If the helicopter wants to wander backwards, move the trim forward.
  5. When you crash: First, DO NOT PANIC! Most crashes result in only minor damage and can be fixed with new parts and a few minutes. We carry a complete selection of replacements parts at
  6. DO NOT loading CD software to your helicopter transmitter if you have no experience how to set up the scale flight. By do so; you may wipe out the pre-set program in Transmitter.